Primary Pet Care At Affordable Prices

At Valley Vetco we genuinely care about the wellness of your pet. Our primary care veterinary clinic has serviced Albuquerque and the surrounding areas since 1987. We believe that by offering low cost preventative services we can save pet owners money today and in the future.

We offer a host of various preventative care services like low cost vaccinations, microchipping, heartworm testing, nail trimming, and wellness exams during any of our open business hours; without an appointment. We also provide affordable services such as spaying, neutering and declawing: with a scheduled appointment. We believe that the wellness of your pet is dependent on your education of your pet’s health, as well as proactive prevention of the many conditions that can affect our small family members.

Low Cost Spays, Neuters, and Vaccinations

At Valley Vetco, we specialize in low cost vaccinations and sterilizations with no income qualifications necessary. Everyone gets the same low prices!

We do not charge office visits for services such as vaccinations, microchipping, nail trims or heartworm testing. These services are all available during any of our open business hours. This provides a huge savings over what full service clinics charge for these routine services. We do not perform X-rays, lab work, or euthanasia.

We also offer affordable spaying and neutering surgeries 4 days a week, by appointment only.

Our price list speaks for itself.

Valley Vetco Gift Certificates Available For Purchase

Any pet owner would love the gift of free services for their pet. Gift certificates are available for purchase in any amount. Certificates can be used toward any of our services, and are the perfect gift for someone with a new furry friend. Come in during any of our open business hours to purchase.


Spring Special Coupon

Is it time to spay/neuter your pet?

Spring is here and that is when all the little animals fall in love and make babies!

-Help control the pet population by getting your pet spayed/neutered.

-Spaying females protects against mammary cancer, and neutering males protects against testicular cancer.

-Spaying/neutering helps to calm the hormones that make your pet want to get out of your house/yard and want to roam.

-Spaying/neutering may help to calm the hormones that make your pet aggressive.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s surgery. Surgery must be performed by 4/28/18. Coupon must be presented at time of service.



We accept digital coupon as well as printed. Just show us our coupon displayed on your mobile device.