Valley Vetco has several part and full time residents who love to keep our customers company during their visits.

Dori and Nemo

Dori and Nemo are full time feline residents at Valley Vetco. While Dori rarely makes public appearances, Nemo often escapes the monotony of the back room to come up and entertain customers and patients alike. So if you see him wander through the lobby, fear not… he is not an escapee! But be sure to let us know if your dog might want to give him a little too much attention, if you know what we mean.


Smidge is Dr. Levitt’s smidgen of a Yorkshire Terrier. While she looks like a puppy at a mere 2.5 pounds, she’s actually a senior citizen! One customer called her a “guinea pig on stilts”. Smidge spends her days supervising clinic operations but returns home with her mom every night.

Fig and Newton

Fig and Newton are  sibling miniature pigs. They often visit the clinic for the day with Dr. Levitt during the cold season but are more inclined to stay at home in their yard during the spring and summer. Fully housetrained and groomed regularly, they actually make wonderful pets and are full of personality. Just ask at the front desk if you want to know if they are available for visitors!


Gizmo is a daily visitor to the clinic, belonging to one of our devoted staff members. He keeps Smidge company all day, she considers him her ‘boyfriend. Just try and tell Smidge that Gizmo won’t be at the clinic that day… and watch a Yorkie become seriously depressed.


Chicken is a full time resident at Valley Vetco. He is a yellow cockatiel who serenades our surgery patients all day long. He also entertains our overnight feline guests. Visitors can often hear his songs from the waiting room.